Artists : Abby Quick


I am interested in folklore and mythology, and am drawn towards the soft undertones and minutiae of everyday happenings. I romanticise and immerse myself in such things to create dreamscapes and parallel worlds inside of my head.

Abby Quick on Vimeo


Artists : Shelagh Brown


I am a mother and grandmother fulfilling the dream of my youth, a lifelong yearning to create a life for myself as an artist; as a woman in Scotland I did not always find this easy. Now the difficulties and challenges I face as a student, a woman, an artist are of my free will choice, and I meet them on my own terms.

My family are proud of me and they think I’m a little bit crazy, and that’s OK, more than OK!

I am interested in human behavior. My work is usually about my life and experience, what it means to be a woman, an elder, a student, an artist, in a patriarchal society; my work is often nostalgic, reflective, concerned with personal and collective narrative and deeper meanings.

I love to travel and have travelled in six continents and been to many European cities but this is my first visit to Vienna. I love it!