RAPID : the exhibition


RAPID is the culmination of a week’s worth of immersion in Viennese culture and art, and features creative and collaborative responses from the participants.

In addition to visiting world famous instituions such as MUMOK, Schloss Belvedere and the Leopold Galerie, students have had a good insight into contemporary art and culture in Vienna from a curated programme of talks by local artists, activists and art workers in the city. We have also had a day in Bratislava, comparing and contrasting Slovak visual culture with what we have encountered in Vienna.

Gray’s students listening to the lecture programme at Galerie AU. Photo by Dino Rekanovic

Strong themes have emerged in discussion of the week’s experiences. In RAPID, students will present across the disciplines, from painting and 3-D intervention, to perfomance, video and sound art. Emphasis has been placed on a creative response to the space of Galerie AU, and adaptible use of found materials.

The dynamics of the cities of Vienna and Bratislava, the previous footprints of Scots in Vienna, construction and materiality, the ever-changing mix of languages and nationalities in this ancient capital, and seeing Vienna as an outsider, are some of the themes that will be considered in our work.

We and Galerie AU really look forward to welcoming you for the opening at Brunnengasse 76 from 1900 onwards, tomorrow Friday 5th February.


Gray’s School of Art : Vienna 2016

Gray’s School of Art is part of Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland. It was founded in 1885 and has been based in an iconic modernist building on the outskirts of the city since the late 1960s. It is one of Scotland’s five art schools.

Gray’s School of Art on RGU’s Garthdee Campus, Aberdeen

Gray’s runs courses not only in Fine Art (Painting and Contemporary Art Practice) but also courses in Design and Commercial Photography. It also oversees Masters’ level courses, and has a developing cohort of Ph.D students.

Every year Fine Art students visit a European city and make a pop up exhibition, in collaboration with local partners. Last year we visited Skopje in Macedonia, and made the exhibition Shkotsko at the Menada venue in the city.

This year we are working with the Viennese NGO .ditiramb and Gallery AU to deliver an exhibition called RAPID, featuring the emerging work of 41 Gray’s artists, at all levels from second year to postgraduate.

The exhibition is curated by Dr. Jon Blackwood, Lecturer in Critical and Contextual Studies at Gray’s.

On this page you will find out more information about the trip, the exhibition and the artists who are presenting their work.

Artists : Svetlana Panova


One’s immediate surroundings is the topic that, in one way or another, has informed and influenced my practice for the past year and a half. The source of this interest is a combination of the drastic change in environment brought by moving to study in Scotland and my natural predisposition to focus on the details of things. I engage process-driven exploration of imagery, material, colour, pattern and shape in order to establish the links between further topics such as memory, order and the notion of “home”.

Artists : Donald Butler

Untitled, 2015 (Donald Butler) .jpg
Untitled, 2015

The contemporary environment is littered with imagery and intelligent technology where one is constantly in a dialogue with space and a screen, leading to an ever more immaterial space in which objects become malleable and responsive. It is this increasing fluidity of objects in virtual reality versus the flatness of imagery that my work finds itself within, exploring the possibilities of materiality in times of immateriality.

Donald’s Website

Research Website



Artists : Holly Morton

My work revolves around experimentation with light and space, specifically at the moment light refraction and human perception of colour within light. Video and film art also merges into my practise as I document installation pieces.

Interests: theatre, film, Quentin Tarantino

Inspiration: Olafur Eliasson, James Turrell 

Artists : Michael Clarence


Scenes from everyday life form much of the basis of my work. Discarded items, accidental or unintended situations such as rubbish sacks, traffic cones and broken umbrellas contain a sculptural significance that informs my studio practice. Working between drawing, painting and installation, I investigate and explore the natural poetry, patterns and relationships that exists between these collections of ‘things’ and the failure that surrounds them.

Michael’s website